Libbey Glassware
1½ Liter Pitcher
#: 13112221

50¾ oz, 1½ Liter functional foodservice capacity

Great for serving Sangria!

Wonderful for hotel breakfast service

Belgian Beer
#: 3807, 3808

    Upscale craft and premium beer presentation

    Belgian Tulip shape

    Top  tapers inward capturing aromas and enhancing tasting experience

Espresso & Cappucino
#: 13245220, 13208919, 13220319, 13246422

Beautiful Italian Design

2¾ oz Espresso & 6 oz Cappuccino

Provide the proper presentation using the optional saucers (sold separately)

Elegante Pilsners
#: 10559/01, 10413/01

Very upscale classic footed pilsner design

Upgrade your beer service

Capacities for draft and bottle service

Enhanced beverage presentation with Glassware Theatre

Accelerates carbonation, making the drink more effervescent

Releases aromas and flavors, enhancing enjoyment of the drink

Botellas Hydration
#: 726, 728, 75099

Water and Beverage table service

Food storage

Breakfast buffets

Contemporary bowl shape and refined stem for an elegant presentation

Ideal for wine by the glass service

Safedge® Rim Lifetime guarantee!

Copas Atelier
#: 10404/02, 10405/02, 10406/02, 10407/02

Four new barware additions

Very upscale barware line with thick shams

Coordinates perfectly with Atelier Stemware

Contemporary Elegant Designs