Copas Atelier
#: 10404/02, 10405/02, 10406/02, 10407/02

Libbey Foodservice is very pleased to expand on the success of the Atelier Stemware line by introducing Atelier Barware by Luigi Bormioli.  Featuring four new designs all with the SON.hyx glass formula, Atelier Barware is the ideal choice for fine dining or a luxury hotel lounge.  Looking for a new way to showcase your cocktail service?  Atelier Barware features an elegant contemporary design with thick shams and very fine rims to elevate your cocktail and beverage service to the next level.  Atelier Barware fully coordinates with the existing Atelier Stemware, making Atelier the perfect choice for the most discriminating customers.

SON.hyx is a revolutionary new glass formula that represents the following qualities:

    105% more resistant to mechanical shock than other glass

    Shows no signs of clouding or streaking after 4,000 commercial dishwashing cycles  

    37.5% more resistant to rim chipping than other glass 

    100% transparent and completely colorless

    98% more flexible and can resist higher torque than other glass

Featuring the SON.hyx Lifetime Guarantee, Atelier offers the peace of mind that comes with choosing glassware of the finest quality.