Belgian Beer
#: 3807, 3808

Serving the Craft Beer Movement
Beer in Belgium is more than just a drink – it is interwoven into Belgian culture and tradition. A country the size of Maryland brewing over 800 different beers is a sign of a country that takes its beer seriously.  Connoisseurs favor Belgian beers for their remarkable variety, flavor and character.  Likewise, the Belgian people embrace the fact that using proper glassware enhances a beer’s aroma, flavor and presentation, maximizing the beer-drinking experience.  With the same passion as Belgian’s bring to beer, Libbey Glassware is very pleased to introduce the new Belgian Beer glasses.
Whether serving a traditional Belgian Abbey Dubbel, Tripel, Golden Ale, or Stout, Libbey’s new Belgian Beer glasses provide the perfect presentation.  Available in 13 oz. and 16 oz. capacities, the large rounded bowl and inward-tapering top capture the rich flavors and subtle nuances, taking the drinking experience to the next level.  Ideal for any establishment serving craft and premium beers, the unique design of the Belgian Beer glasses is also perfectly appropriate for serving other stronger beers, such as Imperial Stout, Strong Ale, Barley Wine or Doppelbock.  Featuring Libbey’s exclusive Safedge® Rim and Foot Lifetime Guarantee, have the peace-of-mind the Belgian Beer glasses are designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest foodservice environments.
Offering craft and premium beers in the proper glass is one of the most effective ways to enhance check averages and increase profit per serving.  Try Libbey’s Belgian Beer glasses today and raise the bar on your premium beer service.