Elegante Pilsners
#: 10559/01, 10413/01

The narrow flared design of the Elegante Pilsners is perfect for showcasing any effervescent lager beer.  This design helps to concentrate the bubbles and accentuate the aroma, which will please the most discriminating beer connoisseurs.  Ideal for the finest dining establishments, the tall profile (9⅜” and 10⅝”) provides your guests with a beer presentation they won’t forget. 
Available in 12½ or 17 oz. sizes, the Elegante Pilsners have the ideal capacities for bottle or draft service.  
SON.hyx is a revolutionary new glass formula that represents the following qualities:

  •     105% more resistant to mechanical shock than other glass
  •     Shows no signs of clouding or streaking after 4,000 commercial dishwashing cycles 
  •     37.5% more resistant to rim chipping than other glass
  •     100% transparent and completely colorless
  •     98% more flexible and can resist higher torque than other glass

Featuring the SON.hyx Lifetime Guarantee, Elegante offers the peace-of-mind that comes with choosing glassware of the finest quality.