Espresso & Cappucino
#: 13245220, 13208919, 13220319, 13246422

Across the globe, the popularity of coffee and tea, including specialty coffee drinks, has grown tremendously over the last several years.  To capitalize on this growth, Libbey Foodservice is very excited to introduce the new Espresso & Cappuccino from Libbey Glassware.
Featuring beautiful Italian designs, the new Espresso (2¾ oz.) & Cappuccino (6 oz.) have the perfect capacities for specialty coffee service.  Using clear glassware allows visibility of the drink, resulting in increased sales of the drink to others in the restaurant.  Providing the proper presentation, the new Espresso & Cappuccino are also each available with a glass saucer (sold separately).   Appropriate for gourmet coffee service, the Espresso & Cappuccino offer the perfect opportunity to upgrade your coffee service and maximize profit per serving.  Made with durable pressed construction, the Espresso & Cappuccino will withstand the rigors of any foodservice operation.