Hi-safe treatment is an additional thermal reinforce for tumblers and glasses. The Hi-safe process is only applied in the superior edge of our pieces, to increase resistance to sudden changes in temperature or mechanical shock. The result is the most durable glass portfolio in the market.

What is the difference between Hi-safe and tempered glass

The exclusive Libbey processes were developed not only to reduce breakage and chips, but also to change the way in which glass breaks, a relevant safety issue for hotels and restaurants. Tempered glass is instable, if a glass piece is not tempered correctly, it shatters when it breaks. Little pieces could go to considerable distances and land on food or drinks. The need to substitute glass products due to breakage or chipping affects the economy of your business. Libbey reinforcement treatments produce resistant glass products that represent considerable savings to your business. You can rely on Libbey as the supplier of elegant, safe, resistant and profitable glass products, and this is a tough combination to beat.



The Libbey thermal treatment process consists of rapidly increasing the glass temperature from 20°C to 650°C, practically the fusion temperature, and the, rapidly dropping temperature in a controlled environment. The result can be observed in the image with polarized light, which shows how the internal glass resistance has increased. The exclusive treatment to the superior part of the glass has a positive effect in the way glass breaks, increasing its durability.

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