Botellas Hydration
#: 726, 728, 75099

Water and Beverage table service

Food storage

Breakfast buffets

Two styles available

Wine service at the table

Available with or without glass lid

Wide opening for easy fill and easy cleaning

Customize with your logo

Safedge Rim Lifetime Guarantee

Creative use of your glassware can mean the difference between your glassware being an expense or an investment.  The more uses you get out of your glassware, the more money you make.  This latest new product introduction from Libbey is perhaps one of the most versatile items in recent memory.  Libbey Glassware is pleased to introduce the new Hydration Bottles.

Available in straight and curved styles, the Hydration Bottles will add value to beverage or water service at the table.  Consider these additional uses for the Hydration Bottles:

    Creative cocktail presentations – Prepare cocktails in the Hydration Bottles and pour into your glassware of choice in front of your customer.

    Offer value cocktails by presenting multiple servings at the table, letting your customer do their own refills.

    Wine service at the table – Add value by serving wine by the glass from the Hydration Bottles.

    Breakfast Buffets – Offer cereals, milk and juice in an upscale fashion.

    Sanitary bar snack service – Avoid contamination by using these bottles to offer bar snacks.

    Creative salsa presentation – Use to serve salsa or other dips and sauces.

    Food storage – Libbey offers an optional glass lid with plastic fitment for the Hydration Bottles, creating an airtight seal for any of your food storage needs.