Munique 21¼ oz. Beer
Munique 21¼ oz. Beer

Designed with an appropriate form of tulip to serve a wide variety of quality craft beer, Muniquees a great investment for any facility looking to increase their level of service beer. With a durable medium to increase the perceived value of any beer, Muniqueahora includes three capabilities, providing a coordinated presentation of beer for beverage service. Offered with SheerRim ® warranty, Muniquees the perfect choice for a service of premium beer.

Luxurious finish and elegant presentation.

Tulip shape ideal for serving Pale Ale, IPA, Pale Lager, Amber Lager, Saison, Lambic Fruit Beers.

Beer served in glasses does increase the perceived value.

Capacity of 628 ml for a large served.

Coordinates perfectly with existing items Muniqe for excellent presentation of beverage service.

Lifetime Warranty SheerRim D.T.E.