Vina Red Wine de 355 ml.
#: 7524

Libbey Glassware continues to expand the ever-successful Vina line of fine stemware with the addition of the new Vina Red Wine.  Vina combines thin stems with elegant bowls designed to enhance the bouquet and flavor of the world’s finest wines.  Created with the restaurateur in mind, Vina has the shapes and capacities to maximize profit per serving, at an affordable price. 

Featuring a contemporary bowl design with a 12 oz. capacity, the new Vina Red Wine is perfect for wine by the glass service.  The elegant bowl on a shorter, more refined stem is similar to the look and feel of many high-end handmade stemware lines, at a fraction of the price!  The new Vina Red Wine uses one of the most popular bowl shapes seen in restaurants today and is sure to give an elegant presentation.