Wood Serving Flight
Wood Serving Flight

Capitalize on the trend with New Brew Libbey: Wood Serving Flight! Ideal for serving up to four different craft beers, seasonal or special. A sample program is fun for the guests and paid for the administrator. This rubber Resist wooden palette attract guests to try new beers and increase the profits of the same. Not just for beer, use the Wood Serving Flightpara tasting cocktails, fresh juices and desserts.

  • Duaradera rubberwood.
  •   5.72 cm of space built to serve up to four different beers.
  •   Programs are fun and paid tasting, incite invited to try new items.
  • Article multipurpose sample is also ideal for spirits (item 3502FCP21), mini-cocktails (item 3701), fresh juices (item 124) or desserts (item 3801)
  • DEPTH 1.27 cm for good storage. </ Span>
  • Libbey beer testers holds: 16, 56, 149, 243, 245, 249, 1241HT, 5003
  • Item marked on the back for easy re-ordering.