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Silk 13” x 9” Rectangular Platter
Silk 13” x 9” Rectangular Platter

Este hermoso plato rectangular es práctico y es una alternativa elegante al tradicional plato ovalado. El perfil es largo, pero el área de servir es aún mejor!

Ideal para costillas, mariscos, pastas, ensaladas o cualquier postre!

Silk Square Plates
Silk Square Plates

Cinco nuevos platos cuadrados de nuevos tamaños llegan a la colección Silk! 

Scarborough Bone China
Scarborough Bone China

Introducing the richness of thin, lightweight, genuine bone China on a beautiful ornate silver metal and blue satin decor. Twenty-five items to choose from - including accessories such as pots of sauces, tea cups, etc. - Scarborough guarantees impress the decision maker even in the most discriminated against.

Made from thin, lightweight materials of Royal Rideau, these stylish and functional plate and cup salsa soup are the perfect complement to the popular Silk collection

Sleek new bowl is perfect for soups, portions, desserts and salads. 

Terracotta 12" Plate- Mustard
Item #: 922226 358

Come back to earth with GENUINE terracotta clay

Extremely light weight

12" plate joins existing 6 3/8", 9", and 10 3/4" plates

Slenda Oval Trays
Item #: 905356 301, 905356 302, 905356 303

Thin, light, and white Royal Rideau body color

Fully glazed foot
Unleaded, rock-hard glaze to reduce scratching

Terracotta Dinnerware
#: 922222 350- 801

• 22 items – 3 different accent tones 

• Fully vitrified to prevent moisture & odor absorption 

• Back stamp with pattern name & item number

Silk Dinnerware
#: 987659 301- 374

• Royal Rideau white body 

• Elegantly carved 

• 3-year, no chip warranty to protect the end-user’s investment 

Slenda Flat Plates & Tray
#: 905356 001, 905356 002, 905356 005

• Thin, light, and white Royal Rideau body color 

• Fully glazed foot 

• Unleaded, rock-hard glaze to reduce scratching