Terracotta 12" Plate- Mustard
Item #: 922226 358

 Mustard Seed color mixes and matches beautifully with other Terracotta colors

  • Pine Tan
  • Fern Green
  • Irregular, organic dinnerware shapes that stack beautifully
  • Fully vitrified to resist moisture and odor absorption, increasing service life
  • Unleaded, rock-hard glaze to reduce scratching and metal marking
  • Back stamp with pattern name and item number for easy identification
  • Ideal for casual and ethnic restaurants

Terracotta sales continue to flourish, and why not?  This stylish collection is perfect for those looking for durable, colored dinnerware.  Made of genuine terracotta clay, Syracuse China’s Terracotta collection is fully vitrified and carries a lifetime no chip warranty!  Operators ranging from Mexican to Middle Eastern to Italian to Assisted Living Communities have embraced the style and value Terracotta has to offer.
The latest addition to the Terracotta dinnerware collection is a 12” plate in Mustard Seed Yellow.  Like all Terracotta items, it is two-tone and has an irregular, organic shape.  Still it stacks perfectly to preserve storage space.
So come back to earth with Terracotta dinnerware from Syracuse China!